Employee Spotlight: Thais Jeanton

A long-time animal lover, Thais Jeanton recently got involved with the Humane Society of Greater Miami in hopes of giving abandoned pets a better future.

Thais and a four-legged friend at an adoption event.

Owner to five dogs, Thais has a soft spot when it comes to animals in need and is quick to assist when the opportunity arises.  That can mean adopting one, as was the case with Princess, the 13-year -old Pomeranian she and her family took in back in 2006 or caring for a stray until a permanent home can be found. In an attempt to make a bigger impact, she donates money and raises funds for the Humane Society of Greater Miami where she recently began working alongside her sister who volunteers there full time. The Humane Society cares for nearly 300 abandoned and homeless animals every day.

With adoption as the ultimate goal for these pets in need, Thais and other volunteers participate in various adoption events held in malls and other locations.

 “I have an urge to help others and animals, not just because I love them so much but because they are defenseless. I think they all need to be loved, like we do. They need a voice.”

For more information or to see the Humane Society’s upcoming events which include the Walk for the Animals 2012, Pawpurrazzi  and others, please visit their website.

We want to know…

             Have you adopted a pet?

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