Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Salgado

Left to Right: Rachel and Rebecca

Rebecca Salgado has witnessed the debilitating effects of Arthritis ever since her younger sister, Rachel, was diagnosed at 5 years old.  Now 21, Rachel has undergone chemotherapy and countless surgeries, while everyday activities like turning a key or opening a jar prove challenging and painful.

 According to Rebecca, “People think Arthritis only affects senior citizens, but people of all ages struggle with the disorder.”

Rachel’s resilience, courage, and bright attitude inspired Rebecca to help fundraise and spread awareness for the Arthritis Foundation.

For the last 3 years, Rebecca and the rest of Team Rachel have participated in the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis Walk.  The annual event raises funds in the fight against the disorder and takes place in 250 communities across America.  Those who live with Arthritis wear blue hats and are joined by friends and family as they walk along a 3 or 1 mile course.  In 2011, Rebecca’s involvement with the foundation grew as she joined the Walk’s Miami-Dade Planning Committee. 

 “As a member of the Planning Committee, I feel like I am taking proactive steps towards a better future for my sister and the millions of others dealing with arthritis.  This disease has vastly impacted my life, and I feel honored to be working alongside others who are just as eager as I am to put an end to it,” she said.

This past year, Team Rachel surpassed their original goal by raising $1,183 for the cause.  The 2012 Arthritis Walk will take place in November, but Rebecca will begin planning for the event sometime in June. 

“It was extremely difficult for me growing up, watching my baby sister go through so much and feeling like I could do so little.  Thanks to the Arthritis Walk, I have found a way to help.”

We want to know…

Do you know a friend of family member who lives with Arthritis?  Would you like to get involved? 


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